I hope you enjoy the following web sites as much as I do.

Fred Halpin

Fred makes some of the finest bodhráns I have ever seen.
Having the tuning pins internal to the frame is a very clever idea.
Ottawa Fiddle Ensemble

In addition to everything else I do,
I am the keyboard player for the Ottawa Fiddle Ensemble.
Visit our web site to purchase our CDs!
Tommy Kochel

(Yes, that IS a white van behind Tommy,
waiting to take him awa'!)

The webmaster of www.huntertippers.com.
Tommy has been a professional bodhrán player for almost twenty years
and is currently focusing on playing woodwinds (wooden flutes, whistles, and uilleann pipes)
and strings (Irish bouzouki; possibly hurdy gurdy before long)
in addition to keeping up his chops on the bodhrán and bones.

Photos from my Stompin' (Tippin'?) Grounds

Jim Hunter - t'is Himself

Jim Hunter, three chord guitar wonder!
(Not exactly my best instrument,
but at least you can get an idea
of what your tipper-maker looks like.)

Tom McSwiggan, Ottawa: tipper tester
and past director of the Ottawa Comhaltas Ceili Band

Ottawa CC Band

The Ottawa Comhaltas Ceili Band at the monthly dance

Martha Cooper

The Ottawa Ceili band at the Christimas ceili.
Slightly out of focus, as we all were that night.
Left to right: Jeremy Keddy (pipes), Greg Brown, multi-instrumentalist (fiddle), Dave Clydesdale (flute), Martha Cooper (flute), Marietta Fraser (guitar), Frank Cassidy (whistle), Jim Hunter (piano), Denis Alexander (fiddle), Elizabeth Scarlett (fiddle), Alf Warnock (banjo), Tom McSwiggan (button accordian & vocals)

{So, is that snow in the air or are those "orbs" really ghostly apparitions?!!}

Sandy Hunter

Sandy Hunter, Montreal: tipper tester and professional percussionist

ebony drum sticks

A pair of heavy-weight ebony practise drum sticks
for the snare drum - turned by hand


Monday night celtic session at Rasputins Cafe, Ottawa


The Ottawa-based celtic band, JADE (from left to right):
Don Fletcher (Cape Breton fiddler),
Jim Hunter (yours, truly, keyboards),
Elizabeth Scarlett (Irish fiddler),
Alf Warnock (banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and vocals)

Martha Cooper

Martha Cooper

Here are two shots of Martha Cooper.
She is a teacher at the Ottawa Floklore Centre
for both wooden flute and bodhrán,
and is a proud owner of Hunter tippers.

Bob Ferguson

Bob Ferguson, Ottawa: tipper tester, wood worker,
and shape-note recording artist.

D'Arcy McGuire

D'Arcy McGuire, Ottawa;
percussionist, RCMP Pipe Band and proud owner of Hunter tippers.

Beth McGillivary

Beth McGillivary from North Gower Ontario,
tipper tester and player, at the Cape Breton Session
in the Highlander Pub, Ottawa, every Sunday afternoon
Eileen Gracie, fiddler, in the background

Alistair Dennet

Alistair Dennet from Manotick Ontario,
tipper tester and bodhrán teacher,
in session at Rasputins, every Monday night.

Dennet has recently written a few pages of notes
for a bodhrán workshop in Winnipeg Manitoba;
they appear here courtesy of his kind permission.
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