Here is a smattering of the bodhrán players out there
who use my tippers in their craft:

John Joe Kelly, All Ireland champion bodhrán player and member of the Irish "Flook" owns four Hunter Tippers.
Thank you, Mr. Kelly!

[webmaster's note: though I've never had the pleasure of meeting the man,
out of deep respect for his talents,
I hereby dub this montáge,]

"A Bodhránist for All Seasons"

[all John Joe Kelly and Flook photos used by permission]


Flook is an amazing group of musicians;
Click on these photos to go to their web site.

Eileen Bozarth
Eileen Bozarth (Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania) sings and plays guitar, bodhrán, & hammered dulcimer with south central PA's Inishowen.
Eileen owns three Hunter tippers.

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Inishowen performing on the street in Cape May
["Captain" Ron Peters, Lynn Colgan Cohen, Eileen Bozarth, Henry Cohen]

[photos used by permission]

Kevin Clark, bodhran
Kevin Clark (Forth Worth, Texas) sings and plays bodhrán & percussion with the band Celtic Crossroads.
Kevin owns two Hunter tippers.

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Celtic Crossroads

Celtic Crossroads

[photos used by permission]

D'Arcy Kavanagh sings and plays guitar, bodhrán & bones with the Alberta, Canada-based band, Glencoulee.
D'Arcy owns three Hunter tippers.

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[photos used by permission]

Tommy Kochel

[photo used entirely without express permission but, instead,
with a secret pact, entered into in tontinesque style
by persons whose identities currently elude the authorities]

Tommy Kochel is
a college professor,
a professional bodhránist
of almost 20 years' experience,
and the webmaster of
in south central Pennsylvania;

Tommy owns four Hunter tippers
(including one with silver inlay
by Ira McWilliams),
and though he has owned
many a bodhrán over the years,
he currently plays only two
custom Hedwitschaks - one DSDT in padauk; one "MyOwnSpecial" bejeweled with silver knotwork pieces by MacManus and Sons of Berkeley, CA.
To read more about Tommy,
click on the photo to the left;
to read more about Tommy's bands,
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Tommy plays with his band on a regular basis:

("folk music of Celtic origins")
a trio of musicians playing fiddles, guitars, mandolin, octave mandolin, Irish bouzouki, wooden flutes, wooden whistles, banjo mandolin, hurdy gurdy, bodhráns & bones, bass guitar, vocals and soon Northumbrian smallpipes.

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